Get your free digital maturity assessment

We have launched a new app to help businesses plan and do a Digital Transformation. The app will do the analysis for your project and produce a free digital maturity assessment on the state of your business’ technology. Once you have your assessment, you decide what should be done, and who you want to do it. If you would like to continue to request a proposal from Sealion Software, doing so through the app is quick and easy.

The assessment is done by comparing your business with other similar businesses from our database. The app will grade your maturity as one of . It will also show a breakdown across three areas of digital transformation: product digitalization, process automation and online distribution.

What’s included?

Your assessment will include scores across the following areas.

How does it work?

The app will ask you a series of questions about your business’ technology. This question-by-question smart form will cover areas such as:

  • How you use data in your products
  • If you have a web address
  • Which software systems you are using to manage your customers and their accounts
  • Whether your systems are set up to work with each other.

Once complete, our assessment system will combine your information with information we have about each of those systems. Then we will score your business, and compare your score to benchmarks from our database to produce your grade. You can access your grade, scores and the benchmarks used in the app. Alternatively, you can download them as a handy PDF to share with business partners or even other software developers!