Sealion Software is a software development business and we run this website at to advertise our services and publish articles on the subject of Enterprise Software Development. We hope you find the website interesting and we hope we can be of service to you. Sealion Software are based in Australia and seek to uphold the Australian Privacy Principles, as well as being generally good internet citizens and a trustworthy business partner for our clients.

We gather the data required for the website to perform the functions it advertises (like making comments on articles and making requests for callbacks). This may include asking for your name and email address from third party identity providers like Google, Microsoft or Facebook. We gather some data about page visits so that we can tell how frequently the website is being visited, and how it is being used – a process known in the industry as “Analytics”.

Sealion Software runs an App for our digital transformation business that asks for information relvant to providing Digital Transformation services to our customers. We also publish a Google Docs Add-On called Smart References. It has its own privacy policy which you can find here.

Sealion Software also develops websites and services for our clients. We may run these other sites ourselves under other website addresses. Customer sites will always be marked as being developed by Sealion Software. Each customer site will have its own privacy policy that’s appropriate to the function it serves.

Data that we might hold about you

Our App

Our app, (which can be found at, and maybe also on some device app stores) will ask for data about you and your business. Some of the app’s features include an assessment of your business’ Digital Maturity, as a first step toward commissioning Digital Transformation Projects. We treat all this information as Commercial in Confidence. The app has a feature that allows an account holder to remove their account from the app, which will close their account with Sealion Software and remove all online access to it. The process can be run at any time from the user details screen.


Some of our articles may allow users to comment when they are logged in with a social media identity. We require users to be logged in before posting. This leads to a better quality discussion on the subjects raised and a better experience for all the readers of the site. We will display the comment itself, the time of the post, your name from your profile and your avatar.


We use the Google Analytics service to track how many visitors our site receives and how they use our site. See: for Google’s information about this Analytics. Google uses cookies to perform this service. A cookie is a small file that the site asks your browser to store on the first page you visit, and then your browser sends that data back to us whenever you visit one of our other pages. Google uses this to link the sequence of page visits for a particular browser together.

Google does not receive any personally identifiable information (like names) from our site. The system only works with your consent and all browsers should contain features to disable the use of cookies when users wish to do so. Some websites will stop working with cookies disabled, but ours will continue to work just fine. Google has a Chrome browser extension to add an opt-out for its analytics service:

Embedded content from other websites

Some of our pages contain embedded content from other sites. An example would be the map on the about us page, which has been provided by Google Maps. Embedded content will always be clearly marked as such and should contain a link to the content providers site. The privacy policy for this content will be the same as for the content providers website.

Social Media

All the pages on the site have links to our social media presence. Social media sites are a great way to keep in contact with friends, publish personal content and create a single identity to use to log in across multiple sites such as ours. However, these sites are responsible for their own data policies which you should consider before using their services.

Who we share your data with

Sealion Software will never sell or give away personally identifiable information to third parties. We may use the services of reputable external contractors, such as marketing agencies or independent software testers. These contractors may be given temporary access to the data we hold for the purposes of performing specifc tasks.

How long we retain your data

Comments and contact details will be held until we decide the data is no longer useful, such as when the page a comment is on is removed or when we run housekeeping on our database.

Your rights over your data

At any time you can request that any contact information that we have for you is updated or removed. Comments, being published on our website, exist in the public domain and others may have copies them which we cannot control. For example, some websites have a cache feature for accessing previous versions of other websites that can be found through search engines. Think carefully before you post! Nevertheless, we can remove comments and any associated metadata from our site on request.