Digital Transformation Project Cycle

Engaging a Digital Transformation Specialist

Delivering complex technology projects to order is notoriously difficult. Sealion Software operates a simple and iterative transformation project model, which increases transparency and removes risk. We’ll start with systems analysis of your business, its processes and existing technology. Then we’ll design the platform you need to compete with the best in your industry.


Transformation Analysis Stage

In the first phase of engagement, your high-level business requirements will be analysed and documented. We’ll start with the projects sponsors and the four planks of Digital Transformation. Using your high-level goals, we will interview your senior staff to capture their insights.

We will compile the needs that the business expresses into a Business Requirments Document. This document lists the criteria for success for your transformation project. It includes process mapping and dataflow diagrams representing what your business does. It documents how you capture, validate and process data to run your day-to-day.


Transformation Design Stage

Our technologist will review your Business Requirements Document and propose a high-level technological solution. This will plan or revise the ownership model of different sub-systems within your organisation and assign clear responsibilities and interfaces. A Product Owner will be assigned who will be the personal link between your business and our developers.

Some services may be existing products that are configured and deployed for your business, some may need to be developed to meet your unique needs. An engagement model based on metered usage of the services will be proposed for an initial period, followed by a rolling renewal. For each service, a minimum viable product will be identified and a roadmap for delivery will be published.


Transformation Project Model Delivery Stage

The system will be produced to match the design through a series of iterative releases. Small packages of updates will be delivered on short timeframes. We find this is the best way to quickly reach a great outcome for clients.

Our Product Owner will consult with your subject matter experts in each iteration of this phase of the transformation project model. Each cycle requires a review of work delivered and provides the opportunity for user acceptance testing. If a feature delivered as designed doesn’t perform as you’d hoped, we’ll improve the design and change it before moving on.


Digital Transformation Review Stage

Accepted services will be published live immediately. As soon as your Minimum Viable Product is reached, we will switch your staff onto the new systems. We will publish new apps to your customers promptly.

Product Owners review the effectiveness of the platform and look for enhancement opportunities on a scheduled cycle. Sealion Software needs you to succeed using our services, so we will be proactive at putting your systems in front and keeping you there.

Ownership model of an Enterprise Architecture

The Ownership Model

Identifying the right system owners within a business is essential for a transformation process. Working flexibly with them inside their own change rhythm is key to success.