Our Services

Ownership model of an Enterprise Architecture

Sealion Software advises upon, designs and builds hosted services covering every department of your business. All services include support and implement industry best practise for security and high availability.

We deliver services that are built on respected open source technologies, run on scalable cloud servers.

We can develop integrations with your unique ecosystem and will enable your systems to work with each other to create a seamless and streamlined experience for your customers and staff.

Public Websites

Your website is your storefront, where the public learns of you and about you and starts on the journey to becoming customers and using your services. Equally important is the ability of your marketing staff to easily and safely update the content at a moments notice, and access analytics that will give them the data they need to check that the site is delivering the right content to the right people.

Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla are the best way to manage pages, publish media and capture sales leads while enforcing your publishing workflow. Sealion Software can design custom themes for these platforms from your brand and style guide, integrate your apps, analytics and staff identity service so that your personnel are in charge of your message at all times.

Omni-Channel Apps

While your website is for the public, your customers need secure access to your services through the devices (“channels”) that work best for them. An Omni-Channel App separates the functions of the app and the delivery of those functions.

We design and build apps for your customers to view and update private information, book jobs, perform transactions – as appropriate for your business. The same customer can then access the app and log in on any device. Start with a responsive web app accessed through the website on a desktop or tablet, then add native smartphone apps embedding your services into their Android or iPhone.

Separating function and delivery allows re-use of customer features without compromising on the user experience, and allows the system to evolve as new device types become popular and your customer base changes over time.

Business Process Management

Your staff need secure and reliable systems to manage your business’ processes, such as onboarding prospective customers, recording the progress of offsite jobs and handling enquiries from customers.

Some of these processes may be partially digitised already in generic applications like email, calendar and spreadsheets, some may be encoded in legacy desktop systems, or some might still be documented in paper forms. In each of these cases, big improvements in time and reliability can be made for your business through end-to-end automation.

Sealion Software can build workflow and business automation to record and manage all your day to day processes in one place. Full automation means less work and fewer mistakes for your staff members, a quicker turnaround for your customers and more insight and control for management.

Books & Records

Most businesses need a core system to hold and control the central data about their operations and the nature of these systems varies by industry. A fintech startup might use a core banking platform like Mambu, a construction contractor might use ServiceM8 while an online retailer might use Shipstation. Sealion Software can act as a consultancy to develop plugins and integrate your core system with your wider enterprise architecture, including your Business Process Management, Apps and Analytics. Alternatively, if you have a novel business that is not already catered for, or if you have found that the leaders in your industry do not offer the service level you expect, talk to us today and we can investigate developing a cloud system that fits your needs precisely.

Insights & Analytics

Data drives businesses and their management decisions, but data held on paper or distributed across many different department focussed systems is difficult and expensive to leverage.

Sealion Software can set up data feeds to aggregate and centralise your enterprise data in a real-time reporting system and flexible management dashboards to display it to your staff.

Enterprise Application Integration

Do your systems work together without your staff having to re-key information from one to the others? Do your staff members have a different username and password in every system? Do you have to update the customers address in several different places when they call you and tell you it’s wrong on their invoice?

You are not alone! Enterprise Application Integration is difficult to get right as it relies on the co-operation of many unrelated systems. In the past poor outcomes were common and tolerated. However, the ongoing adoption of APIs and industry standards like OpenID Connect is making it possible to orchestrate most modern systems so that they work together seamlessly.

Sealion Software can provide the data modelling, lightweight event hubs and central authorisation services necessary to resolve re-keying and identity issues and free your staff to focus on your customers.