Sealion Software has been established to help businesses of all sizes adapt to meet the challenges of the digital economy.

Sealion Software is a software development company based in the busy commercial hub of South East Queensland. We are a local business with a global outlook. We are working with clients across Australia to start new online businesses and to upgrade existing businesses with exciting new technology. Digital Transformation can be difficult, so draw on our experience and make change your ally.

What do we do?

We help businesses analyse their products and identify how the data they hold can be used to improve those products. We design, build and deliver customer-facing apps and staff platforms. After delivery, we run these systems on public cloud server infrastructure, taking care of all the technical and security concerns associated with the project.

To provide growing businesses with robust, intelligent and integrated systems, so that they can connect with their customers and give them the best possible service.

Sealion Software Mission Statement

Our Values


Software systems encode process, but great software streamlines business and opens up new possibilities. As a result, you can adapt faster. By working and seeking feedback in short cycles, we will keep your solution aligned to your goals.


We stand behind our software. That means ensuring your systems are adding real value to your operations and are ready to scale up. That’s why we build for the future, put security at the heart of all decision making, and promote the use of industry standards.


We seek ongoing partnership with our clients, so we need them to succeed and grow using our services. Enabling that to happen is central to all our planning. With Software-as-a-Service and usage-based tariffs, your success will always be our priority.