Process Automation is one of the key pillars of a successful digital transformation. Automation is crucial because it helps businesses to scale and serve more customers without increasing the amount of administration needed to support them. Automated processes also generate high quality datasets that can then be reused for product digitalization and business intelligence.

Digital Transformation App on an iPhone

So we at Sealion Software have been hard at work automating our own services. This week we are proud to launch our brand new digital transformation management app! The app helps business owners to capture and explore their digital requirements before engaging with Sealion Software to plan a transformation project. In future the app will expand to cover all the planning, monitoring and document exchange involved in running a project. It’s been an interesting build and the app demonstrates how even the most complex and sensitive processes can be automated.

It’s also the first app launched on “Manifold” our new enterprise computing platform. More about that later…


Identity Provider Integration

Most browsers have made progress at automating the process of filling out names, emails and passwords in signup forms. But, the need to establish a new identity with every business remains a weakness of the web. So with this app we’ve decided not to bother. Instead we’re asking new users to establish a Sealion Software account with either their Google or Microsoft profiles – easy!

Free Digital Assessment

Assessing a business’ current level of technical maturity is the first step in deciding to undertake a transformation project. It’s how we determine what your business needs, and how you can discover what your options are. Previously this would have involved a sit down interview with a consultant and an agency may charge for this service. Now we have automated the process so we can make it freely available to anyone who wants it.

The app will ask a series of questions concerning your business and the systems you employ. We will combine your answers with information from public data sources, then run some automated tests to grade your business against our database of examples. The app will show a report of the assessment, then detail how your grade was reached. It will also make suggestions for how you could improve.

In App Messaging

Got questions? We’ve implemented an in-app messaging service so that you can get in contact with our consultants and get answers quickly. Using in-app messaging rather than email prevents fraud and allows us to discuss your assessment and other information freely with you without the risks of identity theft or phishing.  

Launch an RFP

If you are interested in discussing options for doing a Digital Transformation with Sealion Software, the app may invite you to proceed with a request for proposal. At this time we can’t accept requests from customers in all countries or industries, and the process will help us to advise you promptly.

Try it out

Are you looking for a technology partner for your business’ Digital Transformation? If so try out our app today to generate your own digital assessment! The web version of the app is available on all platforms through the website and native versions for Android and iOS will be available through their respective app stores soon. We’d love to hear from you!