While working for clients, I like to make short screencast videos. These videos explain how to perform simple administration tasks or use new features Sealion Software has developed. I had one of these videos hosted on here sealionsoftware.com. To help more people find it I’ve set up a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOH48lbZQblV1mY-KoQlJvQ.

Sometimes business owners hire web developers on a temporary basis and find themselves in charge of a cloud account when the project ends. Managing an account on AWS or Azure correctly takes time and skill. The first video on our channel explains how to add an Administrator user for an AWS account that you own. This allows you to delegate control over the accounts’ resources to an incoming consultant without giving them the root password. The consultant will be able to set up appropriate access levels for themselves and all your other business roles. They will also be able to manage your applications and data. But, they will not be able to remove your control over the account such as by changing the root password or closing the account down.

If you are a business owner with an AWS account that you need help administering contact us today.

The next video will be appearing in support of our soon-to-be-released Smart References feature for Google Documents.